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Dare Wright


Dare Wright was a writer and photographer, famous for her children's books. Her brilliant photography of Ocracoke is a real treat and an insightful portrayal of the island life in the 50's.

"Ocracoke in the Fifties," now in print for the first time, is Dare Wright’s only book for adults. First and foremost, it is a tribute to one of Dare’s favorite places. It is also a time capsule of a unique island culture just past the midpoint of the twentieth century. It is a testament to the timelessness of Ocracoke- which would please Dare immensely. Ocracoke has seen its share of changes, to be sure, but the readers will have no trouble recognizing the durable little island off the North Carolina coast.

The Ocracoke Lighthouse, the British Cemetery, the pony herd, the white picket fences, the legend of Blackbeard, the weathered fishermen, the barefoot children- seldom have Ocracoke’s landmarks, legends, and people been portrayed so memorably as by Dare Wright’s camera and pen. This book is available and can be purchased at the Museum in season.

"In 1957 success of Dare's first book, "The Lonely Doll," brought widespread acclaim to her, as both an author and a photographer. Illustrated with Dare’s haunting black and white photographs, the seemingly simple text touched both child and adult. Over fifty years later, Dare’s nineteen published books continue to delight a new generation of readers; The UK’s Guardian recently listed “The Lonely Doll” number one among all illustrated children’s books of all time.”

- Brook Ashley (editor)

Dare’s "Holiday for Edith and the Bears," book, is about a trip to the island of Ocracoke and one of her great children’s books, the photographs are trip down memory lane for Ocracoke in the 1950’s and feature the trio that spans many of her children’s books. Some of the photographs below are from the making of this book (copyright Estate of Dare Wright) This book was out of print for a number of years but now "Holiday for Edith and the Bears" is back in print as a hardcover and paperback along with several other of her children’s books.

Dare Wright self portrait
Dare Wright
Mr. Boyette by Dare Wright.

A party of people off a plane would ask, "what can we do for entertainment?" Might walk down and look at the docks. Don't know if it'd entertain you," Mr. Boyette would answer.

Dare gone fishing
Ocracoke Harbor by Dare Wright
50s fashion
Ocracoke in the Fifties

Photographs and narrative by Dare Wright Edited by Brook Ashley and John Ogilve

Collection of Dare Wright books
Ocracoke Harbor photographed by Dare Wright
Holiday for Edith and the Bears
Dare Wright modeling
Ocracoke Beach

Ocracoke Beach featured in "Holiday for Edith and the Bears" book by Dare Wright

Model Shot Dare Wright
Ponies of Ocracoke Past
Dare Wright
Lonely Doll book by Dare Wright
Dare in her element
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