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OPS ensures that your donations are used for the greatest benefit. Below is a detailed list of the projects and funds that your contributions have supported.

General Fund

Do you enjoy our Facebook posts? Do you want to keep learning about Ocracoke history and see new exhibits when you come to the museum? This is the fund that keeps our doors open, the programs happening and our posts updated. Money from this fund can be used to help any of the other funds achieve their goals, too.

Outdoor Exhibits

Sometimes we receive gifts that are simply too big to be displayed in the museum, so we set up an area for outdoor exhibits. One example is the large brick and concrete cistern off the back porch. Not only do we have to get the donations to the property, but we also have to prepare the location for display and we have to maintain the artifacts as they age and weather. We also have a large restored boat, the Blanche, that needs continual painting and basic upkeep. Hopefully, in the future, we can add another boat to our fleet that kids (and adults) will be allowed to climb in and learn from.

Historic Island Inn & Commons

OPS plans to rehabilitate and preserve the original Odd Fellows Lodge/Island Inn building and utilize it as a Visitors’ Center and for badly needed administrative offices for other nonprofit organizations on the island. The expansive property will serve as a village commons and central gathering place

Visual Arts

Occasionally we work with an artist who features a limited-time exhibit in our museum. The subject of the work is usually either focused on Ocracoke or Portsmouth Island life. In order to afford these special exhibits, we need funds to help offset the costs incurred by the artists setting up these exhibits. In 2017 we had an exhibit of local Ocracoke Artists and their work in the Parlor Room.

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