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Ocracoke: The Pearl of the Outer Banks (Hardback)

Ocracoke: The Pearl of the Outer Banks (Hardback)



"Ocracoke" tells the island's story from the early days of Native Americans and European explorers to today's artists, musicians, fishermen and bicycle-riding tourists. Along the way, it shares the stories of Blackbeard the Pirate's bloody demise, German U-boat attacks off Ocracoke's coast, and the role of the iconic 1823 Ocracoke Lighthouse. Here, too, are portraits of ferries full of visitors, a legendary herd of once-wild ponies, miles of nationally honored beaches, the charmingly unpaved Howard Street and the poignantly serene British Cemetery - along with the inside stories of what draws families back year after year, generation after generation. "Ocracoke" also presents a striking new proposal from Dr. Stephen Leatherman, the world-famous Dr. Beach, to enhance Ocracoke's reputation as a world-class walking village. "Ocracoke: The Pearl of the Outer Banks" is a delightful look at what makes Ocracoke special - and likely always will.

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