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Odd Fellows Lodge Ocracoke

Ocracoke's Historic Island Inn & Commons

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Ocracoke Island has many treasures that contribute to its unique charm.  The friendliness of our residents, the historical connection to Blackbeard, and our iconic lighthouse are among them.  The village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, citing the oldest historic homes including those of beloved Howard Street. OPS is dedicated to the preservation of Ocracoke's rich historic and cultural heritage.  And today, it seeks to restore and preserve a significant part of our village, the Historic Island Inn and Commons.


We plan to rehabilitate and preserve the original building and utilize it as a visitor's center and for much-needed administrative offices for other nonprofit organizations on the island.  The expansive property will serve as a village commons and central gathering place.  Landscaping will include a variety of native fig trees and plantings.

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