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The Origin of the Name "Ocracoke"

(The following history is reprinted with permission from the East Carolina University's Ocracoke History website)​The exact derivation of the name "Ocracoke" is unknown, though many suggestions have bee n made. It has been suggested that the  name is linked to the Algonquian word "waxihikami" which means enclosed place, fort, or stockade. On old maps, the spelling varies from Wokokon, Woccocon, Occacock, Ocacoe, Occacock, Ocreecock, and now Ocracoke. A more far-fetched suggestion is that Blackbeard the Pirate, waiting for the fateful dawn of November 22, 1718, prayed in vain "O Crow Cock! O Crow Cock!" in hopes of escaping his pursuers. 

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