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Ocracoke Odyssey

Ocracoke Odyssey


When Pat Garber first arrived at Ocracoke on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 1984, she settled into a primitive cottage by the sound and began to renew her spirit. During her time on Ocracoke, she conducted environmental kayak trips into the marshes and became a wildlife rehabilitator and a National Park Service volunteer.

In 1995, to great popular and critical acclaim, Garber published her book Ocracoke Wild: A Naturalist's Year on an Outer Banks Island. Soon afterward, she bought the primitive cottage where she lived when she first arrived on the island. After rehabilitating the home she called Marsh Haven, Pat soon realized that she did not have to seek out the wildlife of Ocracoke. It came to her. In this lyrical sequel to Ocracoke Wild, she writes of the natural wonders of Ocracoke and the threats that face them.


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