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Shipwrecks of the Outer Banks

Shipwrecks of the Outer Banks


Shipwrecks of the Outer Banks by Kevin Duffus, 24.95 (Paperback, Coffee Table Format)

"Where are all the shipwrecks?" It is the most frequently asked question by visitors to North Carolina's Outer Banks. Once, the remains of shipwrecks covered nearly every mile of shoreline. Today, most have vanished-either salvaged, burned, buried, stolen or vandalized-but not all. Hundreds of rare and remarkable photographs have also survived. Researcher, writer and filmmaker, Kevin Duffus, has roamed the beaches and searched the faded files of archives to create this photographic companion to historian David Stick's definitive, "Graveyard of the Atlantic."

The book is a visual record of shipwrecks and their legacy-lifesaving, salvage, rumors of wreckers, and the hundreds of forgotten shipwreck victims buried among the dunes. Duffus explains the various causes of shipwrecks and why there is a Graveyard of the Atlantic in the first place, what it was like for passengers and crews when ships crashed into the breakers along the banks, and the true stories of some of the most incredible rescues. Duffus shares the memories of the Outer Banks' last living lighthouse keeper, the descendants of lifesavers, residents who played on shipwrecks as children, and one well-known historian who used to dance on the deck of a wrecked vessel.

This book is 176 pages, four-color throughout and features over 250 photographs of past and present shipwrecks and wreck artifacts, along with GPS locations and directions to dozens of wreck sites. The book includes new research on historic sites altered by inlet migration and a tribute to the forgotten heroes of the islands.

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